Sport bra

A sports bra is not only a garment’s element which highlights our feminine shapes. A good sports bra is most of all, comfort during all kinds of training.
The well-selected sports bra keeps the bosom in the proper place causing that it does not hinder dynamic moves during training at the body-building gym or jogging and the breasts do not “jump” where they want thanks to which your breasts are grateful for your care.
Therefore, every sports bra by Gym Hero is designed with the greatest care of your shapes. You can find in our offer both a colourful sports top – perfect under a light T-shirt, greatly fitting the small and average bosom and a professional structure thanks to which even a large bosom shall be subdued and properly supported.
Similar to all our products,
the sports bras by Gym Hero possess unique designs which have been created in such a way to best express your dynamic personality.
Choose the sports bra by Gym Hero which best matches your sports soul. Feel comfort through the finish with the best fabric and thanks to structure being the best support for your breasts.