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When you are not able to go out without drinking tea or coffee loved by most of us – Gymhero comes to
the rescue.

A drink with a large amount of caffeine prepared in our stylish mug shall get you back on your feet at once. The high quality ceramic product is not only in a beautiful colour, but also has got a perfect size. 

Thanks to it you shall not need to brew the drink twice. A perfectly measured dose shall certainly motivate you to action.  

In addition, the mug has got a stylish printed design “Self love club” which shall make you feel optimistic
and shall cheer you up even on the worst and the cloudiest days.


What is more, there is a minimalistic Gymhero logo inside the mug, which makes it stylish.  

It can make your rest pleasant after long and hard training and remind you of self-acceptance.

The mug shall check out both at home and at work. Thanks to its universal colour it shall look perfect with white, black, grey or any other kitchen decoration and any colour of furniture. 

Moreover, it shall look excellent on your desk at work. 

The mug shall motivate you even during the hardest tasks.

Everyone shall envy your original mug – your relatives and colleagues alike!

The high class material causes that you can not only wash it by hand but also in a dishwasher. 

In addition, it is designed for warming up in microwave ovens. 

   The mug is a perfect idea for a gift for your beloved mum, grandma, sister or female friend. 

It is also worth making yourself glad and acquiring the mug thanks to which coffee shall no longer taste the same. All because of the joyful colour and the motivating motto. We all know that taste is also influenced by the vessel’s look. So do not hesitate and indulge yourself. 

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Idealny na poranną kawę.

Odpowiednia pojemność, doskonałe wykonanie. Jest śliczny i stylowy. Uwielbiam rozpoczynać dzień w pracy od aromatycznej kawy w tym kubku. Polecam!

Agnieszka Z., 12/09/2018

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