About the company


The Gym Hero® brand was created in 2015, in Poland. The idea occurred as a result of the domestic clothes and sports accessories market analysis. Since the beginning the Gym Hero® brand followed the idea of motivation for action and support in achieving the selected goals through fulfilment of the recipients’ natural needs which are aesthetic design and high quality of clothes and sports accessories that guarantees training comfort.

Our clients are genuine women – imperfect beauties, full of hope and faith in their possibilities, prone to doubt and fear, whose sails are waiting for the wind of passion to set off on a journey whose end is finding happiness flowing from the source of satisfaction and fulfilment. 

We sew our clothes in Poland only. We cooperate with producers whose primary motive of action is passion and expertise. It is thanks to them that the Gym Hero® brand is developing so dynamically.

Our garments and accessories are created by people, for people, always bearing in mind to provide them comfort and a proper dose of motivation for action.


The Gym Hero® brand mission is the provision of an endless dose of motivation for active life to the clients. Through the production of sports garments of highest quality available and accessories related to the sports lifestyle, we wish to meet the needs of our recipients, offering training comfort which allows for concentration on the objective set by the client.

Designing our products we follow the idea of cooperation in success of our recipients. We want that the recipients choosing the Gym Hero® brand could feel its presence, building self-confidence and feel joy resulting from doing every sport. 

The Gym Hero® brand vision is the achievement of a leader broad position on the European sports market, going beyond the boundaries of clothing industry, providing complex services to each recipient fighting for a better and a healthier version of oneself.

We shall achieve it joining our values which are love – resulting from the passion of creation, sincerity of intentions – the value we follow every step of the way and tenacity in pursuit of goals, which guarantees the brand’s constant development.

Determining our objectives for the nearest years, we have concentrated on the development of a strong and independent brand that can compete with the global brands – the brand which fully understands its recipients, creating products reaching their expectations and making dreams come true. We wish to be close to our clients through active participation in their everyday life – providing them a comfortable garment for exercises now as well as supporting their knowledge from the field of nutrition or providing the most innovative training space – in future.

We are looking ahead with optimism, acknowledging our failures and appreciating even the smallest successes. We are certain that the leader position of the Polish sports market is achievable for us. We are striving for it with full commitment of all the persons creating our brand.