Dirty Pink sports sweatshirt

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A Dirty Pink women’s hooded sweatshirt has been designed with all the women in mind, who like comfort and a sports, loose style. The perfect quality garment shall ensure you comfort and cause that you shall look fashionable even during different physical activities or long walks. Independently of how you spend your time actively, the garment shall check out in each situation – for school, work or university. It shall look great with leggings, jeans or tracksuit bottoms in the same colour, forming a lovely set. Its classic cut shall cause that you shall always look good and feel on top of the trends. 

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The sweatshirt has got stylish elements -  pockets and a hood which shall protect your head against the frosty air inflow. The garment shall perfectly check out in winter as a warm element of garment to the winter jacket as well as in summer as a primary outer wear on colder days. 

The sweatshirt’s homogeneous colour and plain cut cause that you can match it easily with sports elements. The fabric extremely soft and pleasurable to the touch does not irritate skin, quite the contrary, it shall ensure its comfort. The sweatshirt shall give you warmth, but also provide airiness thanks to which you shall not sweat in it. An innovative system which has been developed by our designers shall ensure draining moisture outside the garment thanks to which the skin shall remain dry. The fabric provides protection against low temperature and frosty wind. What is more, it guarantees a high level of ventilation and prevents overheating. The sweatshirt has got fashionable design, loved by show business stars, female celebrities and female fashion bloggers. The garment shall help you express your style and show your personality. Its loose cut shall help hide any figure’s defects. The plain style gives it elegance and grace. The fashionable design causes that you shall look extremely attractive also during sports training. Class and simplicity are the two words which perfectly describe the women’s sports sweatshirt. There is nothing else for it but to match jeans and white gym shoes and you can perform your everyday activities. 

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